Born 10 October 1983 in Paris, she join very young the Conservatoire de Paris XV classroom musical garden and begins to learn music theory at the age of 6. When she turns 8, she starts the violin with Catherine Prada, and continue at the Conservatoire de Paris XII with Jean-Pierre Sabouret. She will get graduate in the class of Arielle Gill and have her DEM of violin .

At 19, Ombeline decides to expand her musical horizons. While studing Musicology mention Didactic at La Sorbonne, she joined the Jazz orchestra of Laurent Cugny and the Jazz department of the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Cachan in violin and writing / orchestration / arrangement. For the purposes of the bachelor degree in Musicology, she starts to learn the piano and singing at the conservatory.

A year later, Ombeline join a writing class and studied composition, orchestration / arrangement and the Renaissance counterpoint.

She also began studying the viola and electric bass at the Conservatory in a desire of playing lower frequencies and occupy another function in groups or ensembles.

Her course/school curriculum concludes with a Diploma of Musical Studies in Violin as well as Music theory and a Bachelor of Musicology mention Teaching.



Ombeline reads music perfectly, and can improvise too. Comfortable both acoustically or electrically, she has set up groups in a variety of music styles: classic, neo-classic, rock, hip-hop, songwriter, pop, african music, dj, metal, salsa, house, etc.

Very comfortable and spontaneous in the studio, she also likes especially the live for the direct contact with the public.



Armed with her years of study and diversity of her achievements and experiences, Ombeline compose instrumental music as well as for the image (film, documentary, commercials) or performaces (theater, dance, circus) or music with lyrics to various projects.

Her groups 4NOIA and Les Fragments de la Nuit allows her to record for film music and albums of pure music.

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In 2013 Ombeline started conducting the Cafeteater World Choir, Tremolo choir and the Korps of the French School. Here she conducts classical, chanson française, pop, soul and write the choir arrangements. The choirs have had concerts at the Oslo Global Festival, Park Theater and Cafeteater.
In addition, she has conducted an ensemble of ten musicians at the Norwegian Opera for the show "Tribute to the Heroes" with her own arrangements by Bob Marley. Ombeline has always been the one who conducts her band and ensembles while playing.